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Coping with Man Boobs

Man Boobs, also known as Gynecomastia, are caused by excessive amounts of estrogen in the body. Obesity and hereditarily are other possible causes. Gynecosmastia can be seen as you age or can be seen as early as 12 years old. Living with man boobs may cause some serious psychological and emotional damage such as isolation, anxiety and low self-esteem.


Some people have no problem loving the skin they are in and others have difficulties doing so. Age makes no difference on how you handle emotional pain. The worst time in dealing with man boobs is when a child hits puberty. Self-confidence and body image are two results that become damage when one realizes they have man boobs.

Common feelings of shame, humiliation and embarrassment are felt by those with gynecomastia. In life a boy is always excited about the journey in becoming a man so you can imagine the effect it has once other kids start ridiculing him about being a woman due to their man boobs. Emotional scars such as anxiety and self-hate are seen as well. They would struggle with activities such as volleyball, swimming, basketball, football or any other sport that would usually consist of teams like shirts vs. skins. Shirts would be their favorite team to be on but, in most cases the team captain picks the team players therefore, a person with man boobs might not even play the sport at all.


As a male grows succeeding in relationships might be difficult for one with man boobs. Intimacy or even having confidence to pursue a female becomes complicated. A person wouldn’t want to remove their shirt due to the possibility of being laughed at. One might feel they aren’t good enough because of their weight and this definitely leads to depression. Depression can influence one to use drugs and we all know that isn’t good at all.


Dealing with these feelings and mental putdowns can be easily soothed by talking things out. A friend, counselor or even a family member can help motivate you to see a doctor or suggest a diet for you to work with. Just make sure whoever it is actually supports you. You don’t want to trust someone who will make fun of you behind your back. Changing your body image is difficult because usually a person might feel anger and out of control with their body when weight is gained in an unwanted area. Self-talk can help as well. Simply telling yourself “you love who you are” or “you can do it” can easily improve your mental state.


Exercise changes your mood and alters hormone levels. So, man up to your man boobs! It takes a lot emotional strength but it’s the first step towards making changes in your life. Talk things out, try to exercise three times a week and stick to your goal. Gynecosmastia has no medical long term complications but for the state of your emotional and psychological health it suggested you do something about it.

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