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Gynecomastia What is

Gynecomastia Information

Gynecomastia is a combination of two Greek words namely ‘Gyne’ which means a woman & ‘Mastos’ which means a breast. In medical terms, Gynecomastia can be referred to as a physical condition which results in enlargement of a man’s breast. This medical condition is also popularly called as Man boobs, Man breasts or Moobs. Almost 40 to 60 % of men have to go through this phase at least once in their life during which one or both of their breasts seem to get bigger in size due to enlargement of breast tissues or accumulation of fats around the area surrounding their nipples. Hormonal changes & Obesity are two of the most common causes of Gynecomastia in men.


Although for most men, this problem is automatically rectified within a matter of few days or weeks of their hormonal restoration, others have to bear the embarrassment of carrying these unpleasant body parts for a long time. Gynecomastia is extremely prevalent in boys/men who are in their pre-puberty, puberty & late adulthood stage, because during each of these 3 stages, the body undergoes massive hormonal alterations. Sagging breasts can create an extremely embarrassing situation for men, especially in a social surrounding where they have to expose their upper body like a beach, pool party etc. Moreover, women tend to find man breasts, a complete turn-off which is another drawback.

Gynecomastia or Gynaecomastia

Gynecomastia is certainly not fatal & can be treated by exploring several options but more importantly, it has to be done only after approaching a medical professional, family physician or a doctor who is well-aware of his patient’s medical history & background. The treatment of Gynecomastia must commence only after knowing its exact cause. In addition to obesity & hormonal changes, a few more causes of man breasts are excessive exposure to certain chemicals like Xenoestrogen & parabens and over production of the hormone estrogen. One of the rarest causes of Gynecomastia is a liver condition also referred to as Gilbert syndrome which affects men during their early adulthood.  This disorder hampers the liver’s ability to process Bilirubin. As a result of this, the break-down of red blood cells is intervened, thereby creating a serious hormonal imbalance, which further results in the development of man breasts. Another rare cause of Gynecomastia may be attributed to side-effects caused by various synthetic medications.


Male Gynecomastia

Man breasts can be eliminated with a little bit of dedication & hard work in the form of regular body work-outs, cardio-exercises & balanced diet. Some people also resort to obtaining relevant medication for the same which includes hormonal injections & capsules, while others opt for Gynecomastia surgery. This surgery makes use of the Liposuction technique in which the fats within the desired area is pulled out of the body. Gynecomastia surgery doesn’t take more than one hour thirty minutes for completion & the patients are often discharged within 5 to 6 hours of undergoing the surgical procedure. Man breasts not only impact a person’s physical appearance but also influences him psychologically by reducing his Self-confidence. It is therefore crucial to consult a doctor & begin with the treatment of Gynecomastia at its onset.

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