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Moobs: How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

Moobs (Man Boobs)


The word ‘Moobs’ may appear to be unfamiliar for many but it is actually a slang term used to represent male breasts. Male breasts also referred to as ‘Gynecomastia’ in medical terms is a common issue with many overweight & obese men. Development of Moobs is not only a major turn-off for women, but also an extremely unpleasant sight for many ( moobs).


Men with sagging breasts have to frequently bear the embarrassment of being laughed at, which impacts their self-confidence tremendously. People suffering from this problem can either choose to get rid of Moobs in a healthy way by altering their lifestyle & eating habits or opt for a surgery which may or may not be able to offer permanent results Let us focus on both these options :


Balanced Lifestyle & Healthy Eating Habits (To prevent Moobs)

A balanced lifestyle is the one which includes sufficient physical workout for reducing excess fats in unwanted areas of the body. Those suffering from this problem must regularly indulge in walking, jogging, gym workouts or some sort of strenuous exercise which helps them reduce fats from the desired area.
It is important to give special attention towards toning the upper body, specifically the chest area by following an appropriate interval training routine which is closely monitored by an expert. This routine also includes extensive weight training which goes on for approximately half-an-hour & has shown to reduce male breasts within the span of a few months.

A few selected Cardio workouts, if added to the Interval training, can show amazing results in permanently getting rid of Moobs.

Healthy eating habits have the ability to increase a person’s life-span. It can also influence your external appearance to some extent. Male breasts are nothing but a result of excess accumulation of fats within the upper body especially towards the area surrounding the nipples. This build-up of fats can be controlled to some extent by keeping a check on one’s eating habits. Junk food, Aerated drinks, Alcoholic beverages & Greasy foods have to be cut-down to a large extent.

It is extremely important to consume nutritious & protein rich foods which includes an extra dose of fresh fruits & vegetables for providing sufficient amount of energy for undertaking strenuous body workouts. It would also be a wise decision to consult a nutritionist in order to obtain a proper diet for your individual physique, so that the weight-loss can be in a healthy manner as opposed to simply starving the body of its required nutrition levels.

Gynecomastia or ‘Moobs’ Surgery

Another technique of freeing the body from Moobs is through Surgery, which generally takes an hour or two, depending on the intensity of the surgical procedure. This surgery makes use of the Liposuction technique in which the fats within the desired area is pulled out of the body.

The surgery is fairly simple & allows the patient to go home after 5 hours of being operated, following which he would be advised to take complete bed rest for at least 2 weeks & will have to compulsorily wear a compression garment for moobs.

In spite of the fact that a ‘Moobs’ surgery is simple and less time consuming for obtaining the desired results, it is always recommended to opt for the first option mainly due to the fact that the outcome is permanent as compared to the second option that does not guarantee the same at moobs.

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