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Man Boobs Surgery

Man Boobs Surgical Procedure

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The male population is appreciated for possessing a fit, lean & masculine body but when they carry Moobs or Man boobs, it is often looked down upon and ridiculed. Man breasts do not permit a person to reveal or flaunt his upper body in public settings like a beach or pool party. Most women are totally repulsed by this particular physical feature of the male body. All these factors have a cumulative negative impact on the self-confidence of a man.


Therefore, it becomes absolutely crucial to rectify this medical condition on an immediate basis. Man boobs can be a result of many different factors working together. It can be treated in many different ways but before commencing with the treatment it is imperative to be aware of its exact cause. If obesity has triggered the development of Man boobs, then weight loss would be the ultimate solution for getting rid of them.


In order to do so, one would have to consume a balanced diet &indulge in regular workouts. Man boobs can also be cured with the help of a variety of medications which are mostly designed to restore the body’s hormonal imbalance. Man breasts can be treated completely only if it is detected & cured within the first 2 years of its onset, after which the percentage of success rate drops down.

Gynaecomastia: Surgical Advice For “Man Boobs”

This means that early treatment of gynecomastia (Man Boobs Surgery) guarantees complete elimination of the impaired breast tissues. When it is detected at a later stage, in most cases the breast tissues end up being hardened thereby leaving a permanent mark on the body. Under such circumstances, surgery would be the best option to remove man breasts in its totality.


Man boobs surgery or ‘Gynecomastia Surgery’ is generally accomplished within an hour or two, depending on the severity of the medical condition. This surgical procedure makes use of the Liposuction technique in which the fats within the desired area is pulled out of the body, thereby making it look proportionate. Man boobs surgery is fairly simple & allows the patient to go home after 5 hours of being operated, following which he would be advised to take complete bed rest for at least 2 weeks & will have to compulsorily wear a compression garment.


Another kind of Man boobs surgery includes making a small cut underneath the aureola in order to remove the fatty tissues or excess skin which adds to the appearance of saggy breasts. The body must not undergo any kind of strenuous physical activity for at least 3 months after the surgery or as advised by the doctor. In some cases, the patients may observe major/minor levels of swelling or puffiness on those parts of the body from where the fatty tissues were removed; hence one may not be able to obtain the desired effect until the swelling subsides.

 Reduce Man Boobs

It is advisable to keep Man boobs surgery as a last option because this procedure not only takes much longer time span for the body to heal & show desired results but is also very expensive as compared to other treatments for man breasts. It is important to remember that Man breasts can certainly be repaired with this surgery but still has the potential to come back, therefore it is crucial to continue with the physical workouts which alone can guarantee lifetime freedom from this medical condition, Fix Man Boobs or Moobs with Surgery.


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