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Methods for Curing Man Boobs

If you are reading this then I’m sure you either have man boobs or know someone that does. Man Boobs, medically known as Gynecomastia, are sometimes genetic but mostly caused by excessive estrogen so in other words, hormonal imbalance. Moobs can start out as early as the age of 12 and if someone doesn’t treat them they are usually bound to stay. Some methods for treating man boobs are liposuction, medication, surgery and supplements.

Liposuction is suggested by doctors in order to remove the fatty tissues located in the breast. Mastectomy Surgery is a small cosmetic surgery that consists of a few incisions which removes the breast gland tissue. It is mostly suggested when a patient is emotionally distressed or in pain from gynecomastia.

Doctors will mostly likely give you medications that are used to treat breast cancer. Breast cancer medications like tamoxifen and raloxifene are anti-estrogen drugs that prevent the daily growth of estrogen. Patients that usually receive these medications have breast discomfort and nipple tenderness for over the course of three months. An over the counter progesterone cream contains soy that can help keep hormones level metabolized in the body. It is applied to a soft part of the skin daily.

Radiation therapy might not be suggested often but it typically treats gynecomastia in less than three sessions. Radiation is applied to the breast to help prevent man boobs and it also improves breast pain. Although once gynecomastia is already developed radiation has no effect and you won’t see any results if you use this method.

Supplements, herbs and spices can help burn excess fat in your chest. Tribulus Terrestris, Flaxseed Oil, Cayenne and Red Clover are few things to help change hormones within your body. Tribulus Terrestrisis is a flowering plant that increases the pituitary gland secreted hormone that will also in turn increase the production of testosterone. Flaxseed Oil reduces estrogen level and cholesterol. Lower cholesterol levels can help overall weight loss in the body. Red Clover contains an estrogen reducing agent and can be easily taken in the form of tea. Cayenne reduces man boobs by reducing the breast tissue and it can increase a sense of fullness when eating meals. Before consuming any supplements make sure you are not allergic to them.

As you see there are many different methods that can possibly give you the quickest way to getting rid of gynecomastia. Whether it’s supplemental, radiation therapy, a body cream or surgery a result is sure to arrive once an individual is determined. A little help goes a long way but the first step requires you to get started.

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