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Reduce Man Breasts

Man Breasts /Breast Reduction for Men

 man breasts

Men with enlarged breasts are often ridiculed by the world. Enlarged breasts are also referred to as ‘Moobs, Man breasts, Man boobs or Gynecomastia’. Man breasts develop when chunks of fats accumulate around the area across nipples due to excess production of a hormone named Estrogen, thereby making it look extremely unpleasant & creating an embarrassing situation for many. There are many factors that can contribute to the development of Gynecomastia or Man breasts.


Similarly, one can also access a variety of treatments for the same. With a little bit of hard work & dedication, one can re-construct his physique to appear more masculine. Let us take a look at a few steps that must be undertaken in order to reduce man breasts:


Reduce Man Breasts Quickly

Visit your general physician who is very well aware of your medical history & body-type, in order to acquire a detailed analysis the causes of Gynecomastia development. This would further help in finding an appropriate cure for the same. Although man breasts are often a direct result of excess weight-gain, there may be a few additional causes of the same like sudden hormonal change, reduced levels of testosterone, increased levels of estrogen or a possible side-effect of a certain medication.


Before commencing with an appropriate treatment, it is very important to establish & understand what caused your body to develop man breasts


Reduce the consumption of food stuff that add-up to the production of hormone oestrogens within the male body, leading to enlarged breasts. The most common food items which are direct sources of oestrogens are garlic, dates, soy, soymilk, peanuts, almonds, apricot, beans, alfalfa sprouts, sesame seeds, tofu, flaxseeds, mung beans, tempeh, sunflower seeds, and hummus.


Over exposure to a certain chemical known as Xenoestrogen can also result in the formation of man breasts. Men who have to expose themselves to this chemical at their workplace for several hours have to endure severe hormonal changes within their body which in-turn paves way for the development of man breasts or Moobs. Phthalates in plastic, synthetic pesticides & weed killers are the biggest carriers of Xenoestrogen. It is recommended to steer clear from cosmetic products that contain parabens, which are also a possible source for exposing the human body to Xenoestrogen.


The best way to get rid of man breasts is to increase your physical activity and naturally increase your testosterone levels. Obesity is amongst the major factors contributing towards accumulation of fatty tissues around the chest area, thereby resulting in the unpleasant appearance of saggy man breasts. In order to eliminate this repulsive feature of the body, one must ensure to indulge in regular cardio workouts & strength training regime, with or without the supervision of an expert trainer.


Weight-training when incorporated with daily aerobic exercises have shown amazing results in drastic reduction of man breasts. Although, weight-lifting can be beneficial to some extent, too much of it could also affect your pectoral muscles negatively by increasing it in size over a period of time. Therefore, try to work with medium weights in constant repetitions. This would ensure to tone your upper body & maintain a perfect physique for a longer time


If the above mentioned steps to curb your problem of man breasts fail, the last option would be to consult your doctor for exploring more choices which include undergoing appropriate treatment for hormonal imbalance as well as Gynecomastia surgery.

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